Tree Services In Chattanooga

Chattanooga Tree Removal is a full service tree care company that handles any scenario. We offer competitive estimates and prompt service to take a look at what you need.

As all trees are different, your needs will require a quick explanation of your issue and if needed we will send a service technician over to get a fast estimate.


We Provide the Following Tree Services in Tennessee

  • Tree Removal
  • Emergency Tree Services
  • Tree Trimming & Cutting
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Grinding & Stump Removal
  • Land Clearing
  • Tree Injections & Health Procedures

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What Should You Look For In A Good Tree Service Company?

Tree removal may become necessary for a number of reasons. A tree is typically removed when the location, health, or root integrity or a dying tree becomes a risk to people or structures around it. Whether an entire tree needs to be removed or several large branches, it is critical that the job is done in a safe manner by the right providers. We are local tree felling experts experienced in handling any type of tree removal, large or small.

  • We’ve got the experience – Improper tree cutting can actually hurt a tree. You must know the details about how, when, and what to cut, or else you may damage growth. We are experts at knowing exactly what to do for your tree.
  • Customer first business – We put our Customers before anything else (other than SAFETY!) ensuring you understand what’s needed and do our best to cater to your wishes.
  • Safety first – Safety is paramount for your safety as well as that of our workers. We use top of the line equipment and adhere to stringent safety guidelines and regulations.
  • We love the environment – We use every method possible to remove trees in a fashion that doesn’t do any extra damage to the environment.
  • We price competitively – Our rates are comparable to any local competitors and we do the best we can to keep the job within an affordable budget.

Licenced Tree Experts


Chattanooga Tree Removal follows strict safety guidelines and each one of our crew members has over ten years of experience in cutting down trees safely and effectively. If you choose a company that lacks experience and the proper equipment to save money, you may end up paying more in the long run for damages and to have the job done properly. Using an unlicensed and inexperienced company may also create legal issues if an accident occurs. In addition, certain trees in the United States are protected by legislation. If you don’t have this information and unknowingly have a protected tree removed it is actually illegal. Our professional tree removal experts have the necessary knowledge to advise you on which trees are protected and offer alternatives on how to solve your tree problem.

The Process


  1. As soon as you contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate, we will send one of our tree removal experts to you at a convenient time to assess the situation and give you an indication of exactly what will be required to do the job.
  2. At this time you will be given the best advice on whether it will be necessary to remove the entire tree. As we are a green company we prefer to save big trees if at all possible and offer alternative solutions.
  3. Once we have come to an agreement with you on exactly how to tackle the job and the price quoted, you will be given a written quote and we will make an appointment to come and do the job as soon as possible.
  4. Our expert tree fellers are experienced tree climbers and they use bucket trucks to remove trees or cut down branches that hang over pools or houses.
  5. We employ special techniques that allow us to handle difficult situations that most novice companies are unable to handle.
  6. We are also able to remove trees in hard-to-reach locations and even in remote areas.

Did You Know

  • Removing a tree on your own could be illegal?! – Some trees are protected by legislation. Always consult with a Certified Arborist first!
  • Many trees have times of the year that you should NOT prune them.
  • During droughts, trees and plants do not get enough nutrients and can become more susceptible to illness, as well as pest problems. We make sure you are watering your trees correctly by watering the most important parts.
  • A single mature tree in one year can provide enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support 2 people! Let’s take care of our trees!


Ready To Help

Call us today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your particular tree removal problem and an estimate of the cost.

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